Educational Materials

Plan Your Work

Steps to prepare lesson with defenders:

  1. Define Goal: What is the goal of your lesson? How might STTP or local defenders help you in achieving this goal?
  2. Establish Intended Setting: Who is the lesson for? Where will it be taught?
  3. Define Defenders or Topics to be Covered: Who or what do you want your students to learn about? What lesson plans will you use? What specific activities within the lesson plans will you use? How does this help you in achieving your goal?
  4. Refine Lessons for Your Environment: How might you adapt the lessons or activities for your context and needs?
  5. Teaching Methods: Besides those activities in the STTP lesson plans, how might you present the material through a human rights-based approach?
  6. Brainstorm Resources: Besidesthe STTP lesson plans, what other resources could you use to enhance the lesson?
  7. Install Fair Assessment: How will you ensure that students have achieved your learning goal?
  8. Self-Evaluate: How will you evaluate your performance?