Robert F. Kennedy – speak truth to the power, the human rights education initiative is designed to build the next generation of human rights defenders, leaders, and activists.

Educational materials

Using the stories and experiences of human rights defenders from around the world, we provide young people tools to stand up and stand up against the most horrific human rights violations in the world.

Access to educational materials is limited. These materials are intended for professional use.
If you wish to access to the materials, please contact us.


It’s hard to describe in words what a photo can show…

Video contest

We encourage students to become engaged in human rights through video production


The world we live in through the eyes and work of an artist. Plays, dramas…

Fill 2

Human Rights Sarajevo

To date, our work has reached about 5.7 million students, teachers, community leaders, through our partnership with Discovery Education we will be able to inspire more than 30 million students.