About STTP program

Providing tools for effective study of human rights.
Robert F. Kennedy promised that “Those who have the courage to enter moral conflict will find companions in all parts of the world.”


STTP – SPEAK TRUTH TO THE POWER Program, we train the next generation of people to make a difference. Our Truth to Power trainings provide tailored opportunities for teachers and community leaders to become actively involved in learning more about human rights education, learning pedagogy, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and STTP resources, while our summer theater programs inspire young people to understand the combined power of art and activism. Regardless of the format, we ensure that we provide students and teachers with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve change.

Educational materials

Using the stories and experiences of human rights defenders from around the world, we provide young people tools to stand up and stand up against the most horrific human rights violations in the world.

Access to educational materials is limited. These materials are intended for professional use.
If you wish to access to the materials, please contact us.