Robert F. Kennedy Foundation with partners successfully ends STTP Sarajevo 2020 two-day workshop on human rights

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A two-day workshop on human rights, entitled “Speak Truth To Power” (STTP) Sarajevo 2020, organized by Shared Society and Values Foundation ​​(SSVSA),  the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation (RFK), in cooperation with partners Nizami Ganjavi International Center Hastor Foundation and Center for Economic, Legal and Social Analysis from Banja Luka, ended today in Sarajevo.

Fifty participants, professors and teachers of high schools, colleges and universities from Sarajevo Canton and Republika Srpska, together with activists and scholarship holders of the Hastor Foundation from 12 municipalities and cities from all over BiH, were introduced to the work of RFK and their methodology and opened the process. cooperation in involving BiH through its own examples and activities in the global project RFK.

Robert F. Kennedy STTP is a human rights education initiative intended to build the next generation of veterans, leaders and human rights activists from around the world who come to this region for the first time through Sarajevo and thus expand the network that includes over a million participants from five continents.

On this occasion, the global RFK competition was promoted in cooperation with the Tribeka Film Festival for the production of a short film on human rights, which should provide a chance to young activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina this year. 

RFK with the Shared Society and Values Foundation ​​through the formation of a network of activists in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region have been defined. Their role will take place through the promotion of changes in the field of human rights and the constant generation of pressure on the authorities and other social actors so that human rights are the true foundation of the development of society and state institutions.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education of Montenegro also participated in the Workshop within the projected cooperation with the RFK and the Shared Society and Values Foundation  ​​on the establishment of the RFK regional cooperation in the Western Balkans in the protection of human rights.